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The Würth Group automates incoming customer orders with TCG Process.

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Initial Situation and Objectives

The Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG is the parent company and largest sole proprietorship
of the globally active Würth Group. The Würth Group is the world market leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of assembly and fastening materials, currently comprising over 400 companies and operating in 80 countries. Further information about the Würth Group can be found here.

Figures of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG:

Every day, Würth processes countless customer orders that are received via a wide variety of channels. Fast and error-free processing is essential. This is where TCG Process GmbH comes into play as an expert in business process automation. The goal and the shared vision quickly became clear:

Automate error-prone and tedious order entry processes.

In the initial situation, orders were still manually recorded. For an order with 30 items, this initiated an approximately 20-minute process for order capture. In order to automate this process, an efficient system was needed that could also be enriched with information from the leading SAP system. Automated processing of all customer orders is a major competitive advantage for Würth with a large number of customers: Document turnaround times should be shortened, error rates minimized, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and boosting the efficiency of the entire group of companies.

"In order to remain the market leader, smart solutions for process automation are crucial for our internal organization."
Ina Setzer, Project Manager Digitalization Projects Würth

Fulfill specific requirements of the Würth Group and the individual subsidiaries.

Due to the large number of Würth companies, the particular challenge was to take into account and harmonize the individual requirements of each company. In addition to user-friendliness, the focus was on the adaptability and expandability of the software solution in order to be able to use the platform in a scalable manner for the entire Group. In addition, the project was to take place in a joint team, with the focus being on making the Würth employees.

From pilot project to rollout

Based on our DPS Order solution based on DocProStar, we have developed the customized “AutoDok” tool for the Würth Group. A significant advantage of the software solution is the generic approach of the standard product DPS Order. The basic process for the automated processing of orders served as the basis. The individual adjustments required by the various Würth companies could be made directly during the project.


DPS Order is our standard solution for automating incoming orders. The process application ensures maximum automation rates in the processing of incoming orders. In addition to text recognition and extraction of the relevant data, the solution also includes automatic validation using a large number of validation rules. During processing, interfaces are used to compare master data from the leading system (e.g. ERP). If manual validation is required, a user-friendly web client is available and increases automation rates thanks to the integrated self-learning function. We offer customization of the DPS Order Standard to the respective customer requirements via an extensive portfolio of additional modules.

You can download the product description for DPS Order here.

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The initial contact was quickly followed by the test phase with the first adjustments to the DPS Order solution. In summer 2021, the customized software went live for the first time. One year later, the roll-out for the first key accounts followed and then successively the roll-out of the branches as well as extensions beyond automatic document capture.

The customized order processing solution includes many special features.

Würth’s requirements for import, usability, increased automation, necessary logics and integration with SAP as well as the expansion to subsidiaries and branch offices resulted in a large number of new features:

  • Automatic import of customer orders via various e-mail inboxes
  • Expansion options to include an unlimited number of users and e-mail inboxes for the other Würth branches and subsidiaries
  • Intuitive web client for simple validation of documents, adapted and expanded to include Würth-specific fields such as the internal product number
  • Reading the customer number from the e-mail subject
  • Highly efficient recognition based on data (customer and article master data) to determine the appropriate data set
  • Automatic increase in automation rates through machine self-learning in the background without additional user action
  • Automatic assignment to processors or groups of people, for example through mapping
  • Correct assignment of Würth-specific and sometimes very complex product numbers
  • Customer-based adjustment of whether the delivery address becomes the customer address and vice versa.
  • Different logics for the unit of measure
  • Automatic check whether the total value of the consignment corresponds to the sum of the items
  • Automatic recognition and conversion of the calendar week into a date format
  • Direct export to the SAP target system via an SAP RFC interface
  • Flexible addition of several clients (companies) on different processes on the shared DPS platform

Results and benefits

With the introduction of automated order processing, Würth was able to achieve a 90% reduction in the processing time for incoming orders after just a short time, as noted in the departments that already use AutoDok. The tedious manual processing in the “old world” was reduced to two minutes with the help of the DPS Order solution and the intuitive web client.

"All relevant data is now recorded as soon as the customer order is received and the order is automatically created in SAP."
Ina Setzer

Over 20,000 customer orders have already been processed using the AutoDok solution in 2023. This lays the foundation for further digitalization and automation projects in collaboration with TCG Process. Würth’s own project and support team has already absorbed a large part of the expertise during the course of the project. As a result, Würth is now able to take over the onboarding for other subsidiaries and branches completely independently. 

Würth-Intern can also provide support and the majority of support cases. We at TCG are available to help with extensions and individual support cases. According to Ina Setzer “the full effect of the system can only unfold thanks to our well-trained staff. Onboarding, training and support run absolutely smoothly thanks to our own IT team for the AutoDok solution.”

By using the DPS BI Reporter, Würth also has access to our business intelligence tool. This shows the performance and current detection rates of the system. As a result, potential for improvement is revealed directly and can be implemented with concrete measures. Automation progress and the benefits of the system are visualized on a daily basis.

All the advantages of automated order processing at a glance:

Behind the scenes: Exclusive insights in the webinar with Würth

Together with Würth, we explained in a webinar detailed and step-by-step how we successfully implemented the specific requirements. The recording of this webinar with in-depth insights and practical tips is available here:


Our DocProStar multi-tenant platform can be flexibly expanded to include additional process applications for automating business processes. Specifically, we are planning to add the processing of quotations and invoices in international Würth companies, the introduction of EDI validation and the processing of supplier inquiries. In 2024, another major step for Ina Setzer’s team is the rollout to other companies and around 400 branches. In addition to processing customer orders, DocProStar can also be used to automate other document types such as quotations or invoices for the international Würth companies or even other business processes outside of commercial documents.

"With DPS, we have created a great basis for automatically mapping all kinds of processes for the Würth Group. This leads us to other document types such as the world of quotations, but also completely new processes such as the connection for EDI clearing cases."
Martin Ciupke, Head of Electronic Data Interchange - Würth IT

Würth and TCG experience the collaboration as very pleasant and goal-oriented. The key to success lies in the close teamwork between the project managers. Clear and fast communication makes it possible to implement the defined requirements in a timely manner. As TCG, our focus is on the uniqueness of the customer. The key learnings in brief are:

  • Close collaboration between project managers
  • Clear and fast communication
  • Customization to individual customer needs
  • Integration into the existing system landscape

Knowing and understanding Würth’s individual needs was a decisive factor in this success story.

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BPMN steht für Business Process Model and Notation und ist ein Industriestandard zur einheitlichen grafischen Abbildung und Modellierung von Geschäftsprozessen. Mithilfe von Symbolen für Entscheidungspunkte, Kontrollverbindungen und grafischen Elementen für Prozessbausteine werden diese in der Reihenfolge des Prozesses anschaulich dargestellt. Swimlanes erleichtern die Orientierung und ermöglichen die Unterteilung in verschiedene Prozessabschnitte.  Die aktuellste Version ist BPMN 2.0, die auch von TCG Process für die Software DocProStar genutzt wird.

Die BPM Plattform DocProStar

Der DocProStar Process Modeler nutzt die Version BPMN 2.0 zur Modellierung der Geschäftsprozesse. Über verschiedene Umgebungen, sogenannte Environments und Geschäftsbereiche, sogenannte Units lassen sich verschiedene Prozesse aneinanderreihen und miteinander verknüpfen.

Vorteile von BPM

  • Visualisierung von Prozessen erleichtert das Verständnis der abgebildeten Geschäftsprozesse 
  • Optimierung von Prozessen und Reduktion von Fehlern durch detaillierte Prozessdokumentation und schnelles Auffinden von Schwachstellen 
  • Bessere Zusammenarbeit von Fachabteilung und IT dank gemeinsamer Modellierung der Prozesse  
  • Hohe Flexibilität und Agilität durch schnelle Anpassungsmöglichkeiten der Prozessmodelle an Änderungen 
  • Knowhow-Transfer und Unterstützung in der Entscheidungsfindung durch transparente Prozesse durch klare, übersichtliche Darstellung